• Complete online security
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General Information/Description

Avast was introduced to the public back in. The free version of the software is quite powerful once you download and install it into your computer. The downside to the free version is that it does not come equipped with a firewall solution to keep out malicious traffic. This software comes with a slew of versatile features that are used in protecting your network, including a free password manager, home network scanning feature, a Do Not Disturb mode that suspends alerts while you’re in the middle of gaming, and its free version tools are equal in terms of capability of top-tier providers and are quite impressive.

Also, there is also a passive mode that is included with the software where you can run multiple security solutions on your computer in parallel with each other.

Four packages are available for sale from Avast: the Internet Security for Windows, Premier for Windows, the Ultimate for Windows and Security Pro for Mac computers. The difference between them lies not only in their pricing but the number of devices each plan covers. The Ultimate for Windows plan covers an unlimited number of devices at $119.99. The Premier and Internet Security versions of Avast include one device each at $59.99 and $69.99 respectively. Both of these plans can cover up to a maximum of ten devices at $179.99 and $219.99 each.

Avast is geared towards users who have multiple devices running under one network. It will do free, comprehensive scans of each device that occupies the system.


Avast Antivirus offers reliable and robust protection. The interface is easy to navigate through and doesn’t slow a PC significantly compared to other antivirus software. Premium versions of Avast are sold based on how many years you want to keep it for. The Do Not Disturb mode tied to the software can also be used for movies and presentations so that you will never be disturbed. This is the perfect software to use to make disturbances non-existent except in the most extreme instances where your computers and your network’s security is at stake.

Avast offers a plug-in for web browsers that enhances your internet security and automatically detect websites which looks suspicious. The software can detect and eliminate 99% of virus threats that attempt to infect a computer. It also does a reasonably good job defending against malware as well. Avast offers six layers of protection that not only guards against malicious software but can remove them as well.

There are free decryption tools offered by Avast if ransomware encrypted your most essential files.

Support/Customer Service/Accessability/Updates

The antivirus program regularly scans your computers for malware. If it detects something, it will isolate and quarantine it into a chest to keep it from spreading any further in your machine. Avast regularly updates its software automatically, but you can also configure it for manual updates if you do not want it to disrupt your work. Customer service is also very good with Avast, and we were pleased that they were able to respond to our queries within less than 24 hours.




  • Complete online security
  • Undisturbed online privacy
  • Small and Medium Business Solutions

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