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General Information/Description
Bitdefender slowly rose to prominence and is now on the same level as Kaspersky. Its software offers near-perfect protection from different viruses and malware that pervades the internet. Coupled with good pricing, excellent help desk support and minimal system impact makes Bitdefender a must-have for your computer. It also offers free trials if you’re ever curious about it, making it one of the stronger antivirus software solutions that’s on the market.
It comes with anti-phishing/fraud, work/movie/game modes, a wifi security advisor to let you know if a wifi hotspot is suspicious, safe browsing, protection for your online banking and more. It’s also highly intuitive and straightforward to use. The free trial works for a maximum of 90 days, compared to other software solutions that only work for 30 days. Bitdefender is available in multiple packages separate from the free version (i.e. Free Antivirus): Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security and Bit Defender Antivirus for Mac. Antivirus Plus covers one device and includes Wifi security, a password manager, vulnerability scans, 200 MB VPN daily traffic, and 24/7 customer support.
The Internet Security edition adds on top of the free and Antivirus Plus versions and adds on webcam protection, parental control, a file encryption option, a file shredder, and a personal firewall as your security options. Total Security has all the features of the other packages and includes some of its own, such as one-click optimization and anti-theft options. This version of Bitdefender supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The Antivirus for Mac is comparable to the Antivirus Plus version for windows and is specifically geared towards Mac computers.
Antivirus Plus and Internet Security are both sold at $39.98 and $59.99 and cover one device each. The Total Security suite costs $89.99 and includes a minimum of five devices.

Bitdefender uses 700MB of RAM in order to run, which doesn’t put a string on the device or OS’s resources and no impact on the machine’s CPU. Bitdefender also blocks out 99% of threats that are detected. The software can 100% detect common and zero-day threats and successfully block them.
When it comes to malware protection, this software performs splendidly. Any time that Bitdefender finds suspicious code/files, it will compare them to known goods within the database. It simultaneously keeps track of their behavior, where unknown pieces of code are extracted for delivery to the company’s controlled servers to be analyzed. Throughout the day, the company sends updated signatures to help keep systems secure.
Ransomware still plays a significant role in screwing with networks today, and Bitdefender defends against this very well. It blocks URLs that are infected and detects the malware by signature. This helps to your system secure from the aforementioned threats. Bitdefender has a neat little gimmick called Safe Files, where only trusted software and applications are allowed to access files and folders that are stored in your computer. There is also a behavior monitor that detects and prevents ransomware from encrypting files on a machine. Ransomware Remediation is the newest addition to the Bitdefender suite, which execute backups of files that are potentially infected and puts fresh copies back to their original locations once the threats are dealt with.

Support/Customer Service/Accessability/Updates
Like many of the other vendors, Bitdefender has a website with a knowledge base that serves as a self-help reference if you like solving problems by yourself. Customers also frequent the user forum for any inquiries they might have about the software or addressing specific problems. Users join regularly on the forums every single day.
If you’re customer that paid for your software, you’ll be given 24/7 access to Customer Care with live chat, telephone calls and email correspondence.




  • Reliable and award-winning cyber security
  • Comprehensive support
  • Suitable for private and business

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