• Excellent virus protection
  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Carefree online shopping
  • All passwords at a glance


General Information/Description

ESET is one of the older antivirus vendors that offers quality service. It’s ideal for dealing with customers that have basic security requirements. The company has been around since the 90s, and its reputation stands out in the market. The products that ESET provides are both reliable and inexpensive at the same time. They are also straightforward to use, putting it on par with leaders of the cyber defense industry.
The software that ESET provides is best for customers who use social media and e-mails regularly, as it protects those in addition to security from phishing/fraudulent/malicious websites. It also includes a gamer mode where you’ll be able to play your games with little to no notifications or interruptions from the system. Its price point of $39.99 also makes it affordable.
ESET is available in six packages: the ESET NOD32 Antivirus suite, the ESET Internet Security suite, the ESET Smart Security Premium suite, ESET Cyber Security, ESET Cyber Security Pro, and ESET Mobile Security. NOD32 is the basic version of the ESET software, where it includes a comprehensive online protection suite that has ransomware and exploits blocker, a UEFI scanner, an anti-phishing tool, and shields your machine from malicious scripting.
The Internet Security suite adds on extra features as well as a personal firewall for more excellent online protection. Botnet protection, webcam protection, antispam, and online payments protection are included with this version of the software. There are also parental controls and an anti-theft feature that can help you find your lost device.

Smart Security Premium stacks on the previous two packages, and includes a data encryption tool as well as a password manager. By purchasing a multi-device license with this package, you will get protection extended to your Android and Mac devices as well (between five to ten devices).

ESET Cyber Security and Cyber Security Pro are geared towards users who specifically own Mac machines. The difference between the two is that the Cyber Security Pro comes with parental controls, advanced online security features and a personal firewall whereas the Cyber Security standard version does not. The Cyber Security version of the software provides antivirus protection as well as security against malware and phishing. In terms of pricing and functionality, the Cyber Security version of ESET is similar to the NOD32 Windows package. The Mobile Security version of ESET is aimed towards Android devices and adds on premium features such as camera snapshots, anti-theft protection, call filter, location tracking and low battery alert.
The pricing for the products is as follows: ESET NOD32 ($39.99), ESET Internet Security ($49.99), ESET Smart Security Premium ($59.99), ESET Cyber Security ($39.99) ESET Cyber Security Pro ($49.99) and ESET Mobile Security ($14.99). All of these plans are priced to cover one device. The Internet Security, Smart Security Premium, and Cyber Security Pro packages can cover up to a maximum of ten devices at $139.99, $149.99 and $139.99. The Mobile Security package is priced at $14.99 for one device and can be upgraded to cover five devices for $74.95.


 ESET’s engine is able to detect threats using three layers of protection. First, it will check if a file is registered in a virus database. The antivirus will then monitor the behavior of a file and checks for suspicious parts. All of the tests conducted by independent third parties puts ESET as a mid-range antivirus suite.
 ESET handles malware excellently. Its malware success rate puts in between 99.7%-99.9% against the most common forms of malware. The software’s performance against unknown malware varies from 99.1% to 100% depending on the length of the testing period. It comes equipped with a ransomware shield that asks users to allow the encryption process to begin.
 Where phishing detection is concerned, ESET comes equipped with an anti-phishing feature htat monitors applications and websites to inform a user if there is a potential threat on their system. ESET is also very easy to use. Once you make your purchase of ESET download and install it on your machine. The user interface is highly intuitive in a white and blue color scheme that’s easy on the eytes, so you’ll have no problem being able to use it at all.
 Extra layers of security with this software includes a personal firewall, online payments protection, and home network protection for the purchased versions of the software.

Support/Customer Service/Accessibility/Updates

 ESET is available on business days from 6AM to 5PM. They also have an FAQ section on their website that answers common questions. Email support is also available on the website if you have any inquiries.




  • Excellent virus protection
  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Carefree online shopping
  • All passwords at a glance

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