• Customer support 24/7
  • Excellent virus protection
  • Protection of privacy and identity
  • Intelligent and secure VPN protection


General Information/Description

 Kaspersky is in use by over 400 million users worldwide, and is one of the most trusted companies in the cyber defense sector. It is extremely efficient at halting zero-day attacks and catching viruses that are common in computer networks. Originally it only handled machines that used the Windows and Mac operating systems, but expanded its market to devices that uses iOS and Android. The company was originally in Russia but chose to relocate to Switzerland in order to expand its business, and from the looks of it business is doing great.
 A free version of the software is offered to provide core protection for your system. Since cyber threats are still pervasive and continue to evolve with every passing day, you might to consider getting yourself the premium version in order to get the full benefits that Kaspersky has to offer. Most of the packages that Kaspersky sells are at reasonable prices so that your wallet doesn’t come up empty.
 The company’s software is best used by people who need basic security for their Windows PC and specifically users of Android devices since not many software solutions cover that OS in particular.


 Kaspersky offers solid malware and anti-virus protection regardless of whichever machine it is installed in. The level of protection provided by the company’s program is very comprehensive, and defends against all forms of malware. It works round-the-clock, providing real-time monitoring for your files. Security is provided through four modules:
 - Web antivirus: keeps your machine protected from web scripting that is harmful to your computer
 - File antivirus: inspects files that were opened, launched or saved on your computer
 - Mail antivirus: checks outgoing and incoming email traffic
 - Proactive protection: scans and detects for unknown viruses
 These four modules are available for use in both the free and purchased versions of the software. The user interface on Kaspersky’s software has changed significantly and is easier on the eyes. When your device is at risk, Kaspersky will give you a notification by putting a large red “X” on the main screen. It will also provide instructions on what you need to do in order to update the software. The main features of the program will also be displayed here, such as Scan or parental control. You will also be able to see when your subscription will come to an end.
 Kaspersky has multiple scan options to pick from, including a full-system scan, customized scan and quick scan. These are further represented by External Drive Scan and Selective Scan. You can choose the frequency of how often you want your device to be scanned.

Support/Customer Service/Accessability/Updates

 Kaspersky provides regular updates to licensed customers of the Security suite. The scope of technical support provided includes:
 - Consultation in reference to using Kaspersky’s products
 - Getting assistance to change a key file in the event it’s damaged
 - Advice on the functionality of Kaspersky protducts
 The company also offers an FAQ section on its website, as well as tutorials and articles to allow users to be able to solve problems on their own.




  • Customer support 24/7
  • Excellent virus protection
  • Protection of privacy and identity
  • Intelligent and secure VPN protection

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