Panda AntiVirus

  • Big data and machine learning
  • Constant monitoring of the PC
  • Next generation AntiVirus

Panda AntiVirus

General Information/Description

Panda is among the pioneers of the antivirus industry that has been around since the ‘90s. The software’s parent company is called Panda Dome, and comes with a new user interface while still making it easy to use. Panda offers 150MB of VPN traffic daily, which is enough to keep your data secure when in public wifi hotspots when browsing or do your online shopping in private.
Panda’s AV software comes with multiple safety features and is low impact when in use on your machine. The pricing structure of Panda’s software is based on whichever subscription plan you want to go for, and is available in four plans: Essential, Advanced, Complete and Premium. Essential is sold at $4.99 per month or $44.24 per year. Advanced is $53.24 per year, Complete is $80.24 per year, and Premium is $125.24 per year. All plans come with a free 30-day trial along with a 35% cost savings if you opt for any one of them. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind after purchasing a subscription plan.

 The software is low impact on the system. You’ll barely even notice it running in the background when it does its real-time scans. During one of our tests, Panda managed to block 98.9% of threats and flagged 12 false positives during the experiment.
 When you start the program, the user interface from Panda is actually quite remarkable. The settings section of the program appears as a separate window, where functions are organized into groups so that it is easy for users to navigate. If you also have the option of sticking with the standard configuration if you’re not tech-savvy. Most users will be satisfied with the fact that Panda offers a level of customization on how they want to make their software configured down to the smallest details.
 The addition of the firewall suite to Panda’s software is easy to use. When you’re setting it up, it will ask what type of network your WiFi is: Work, Public or Home. There are a total of twenty different customization options to choose from in relation to the firewall.
 Panda Smart Shopping is also a neat addition to the Safe Web feature. It’s designed to keep your financial information secure while you’re shopping online. The install process was relatively fast and we didn’t receive any notifications that any applications were incompatible. Panda is also very low-impact and uses 20 to 50 MB of RAM, as well as 124 MB of hard drive space. These requirements are significantly less compared to other vendors.

Support/Customer Service/Accessibility/Updates
Panda’s customer service support is good. They have a ticketing system in place that will send you a response within 24 hours. Premium customers will be able to access the support team through chat and phone 24/7. They have a remote help team that deals with virus removal, tuning your PC, and other maintenance functions.




  • Big data and machine learning
  • Constant monitoring of the PC
  • Next generation AntiVirus

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